Atticus Launches New Acetamiprid Alternative

CARY, NC (January 2, 2017) – Atticus recently announced the introduction of a line of products containing the active ingredient Acetamiprid, an insecticide that works quickly to control target pests through both contact and ingestion. The products will serve as a viable, EPA-recognized and USDA field-proven alternative where pollination impact is a concern. Atticus offers two formulations use in agriculture and turf and ornamental markets. 

In agricultural applications, ArVida 30 SG and ArVida 70 WP can be used alone or as a part of a resistance management program on a broad range of crops. The active ingredient works through translaminar movement to penetrate plant tissue. It provides rapid leaf protection and long-lasting control of sucking and chewing insects.

In turf and ornamental applications, Quasar 8.5 SL controls key ornamental and greenhouse pests including aphids, beetles, leaf miners, scales, whiteflies and thrips. Quasar works on contact and through translaminar movement or systemic activity for quick knockdown and long residual control of sucking and chewing pests. 

“We’re excited to offer our distributors and their customers a viable alternative to the other Acetamiprid options,” said Mitch Klann, President. “This offering is an excellent extension of our broadening portfolio and commitment to bringing quality, high-value pesticide alternatives forward.”