Atticus, LLC Introduces New Fungicides and Herbicide to Their Product Line Up

Cary, NC (May 11, 2017) - Atticus, LLC is pleased to announce the addition of four new agricultural products to our portfolio. The new products include one herbicide, Cavallo™ 4 SC, and three fungicides, Acadia™ 2 SC, Aquila XL™, and Slant™ 41.8% EC.
Cavallo 4 SC™ is a selective herbicide that delivers superior contact and residual control of tough broadleaf weeds. It contains Mesotrione, the same active ingredient that is used Callisto®.
Aquila XL is a broad-spectrum fungicide containing the same active ingredients found in Quilt Xcel®, Azoxystrobin and Propiconazole. These ingredients provide long-lasting disease protection while also improving the plant growth allowing crops to reach their maximum yield potential.
Acadia 2 SC contains Azoxystrobin, that same active ingredient used Quadris® and Abound®. This systemic fungicide offers curative, translaminar, and preventative activity. Acadia 2 SC provides long-lasting, broad-spectrum control and is highly effective on four major fungi groups.
Slant 41.8% EC is a broad-spectrum fungicide that provides a full-season of control from crop damaging diseases. It contains Propiconazole, the same active ingredient used in Tilt® and Orbit®.
“The Atticus team is excited about the recent additions to our portfolio and for the opportunity to bring reliable alternatives to our customers,” says Mitch Klann, President of Atticus.