You call for allies. We answer.

Whether we serve you with our Agricultural or EcoCore products, we strive to operate in a way that makes us nimble, accessible and reliable. As an independent company, Atticus makes decisions at your speed. To ensure that’s always the case, we live by three guiding principles:


Your work is essential to servicing the demands of society, which is why finding the best way to protect your crop is critical.

Our Product Selection and Development is built at a crop-specific level to offer you a full portfolio of products, delivering exactly what you need.


Choosing the right product shouldn’t be difficult. We put grass-roots experience and commonsense logic to work at Atticus to make product selection easier, and on your terms.

From there, we want to do our small part to ensure you achieve accurate and effective applications; we accept that others are counting on you.


From development to the moment our product reaches you, our team is committed to operational excellence every step of the way.

With regulatory, sourcing and manufacturing intensity, we provide supply proficiency and execution you can trust.

enhance Daily Life

Relevant portfolio of inputs to support and sustain Life; plants, animals, & the basic needs of people; food, clothing, and shelter.

Successful production of Agricultural Crops challenged to deliver a sustainable food supply.

Successfully growing a crop of Cotton to provide the fiber needed for clothes and other materials.

Post-harvest applications to extend storage, shipping, and shelf-life to allow fresh fruit no matter the geography.

Even the glass of wine or beer we enjoy with family & friends relies on a bountiful harvest of Grapes & Hops.

Fly & rodent control in Cattle Feed Lots, Hog & Poultry Houses, Dairy Barns, etc. to achieve food quality while removing animal stress that diminishes feed conversion to protein / output.

Grass seed head management & insect control around Airports to remove food for birds; minimize bird strikes with aircraft.

Termite & General Household Pest Control in & around Residential, Food Preparation & Storage, &/or Commercial Properties for sanitation, disease prevention, food safety, and structural integrity.

Mosquito & Fly Control in Outdoor Residential & Urban Areas, Parks, and Other Outdoor Venues for Enjoyment and Disease Prevention.

Roadside beautification initiatives & fire prevention. Fire prevention on Railways. Vegetation management of Utility Right-of-Ways to avoid encroachment &/or electrical arcs that cause fire &/or outages.

Material Preservation in wood and paint to prevent mold, fungus, and pest infestation.

Remove grasses, bushes and hardwoods, especially sweetgum trees that rob sunlight, nutrition, and water from pine trees used for paper, fiber, and lumber under active Timberland Management.

Vibrant residential and commercial Lawns & Landscapes, as well as lush Golf Courses & well-manicured greens.

Growth of ornamentals & flowers in Professional Nurseries for beautification in & around homes.

Clear Waterways for water & flood management, and Lakes / Ponds free of oxygen-depleting &/or invasive vegetative growth that threaten fish populations.

Our guiding principles, the values that drive us

You are a small business owner at heart, embracing tough choices and always seeking a better way to get the job done. Those same entrepreneurial values drive everything Atticus does. We believe that acting decisively requires not only adapting to change, but also deliberately creating it — not just for yourself, but the whole industry. Those basic qualities are how our customers have managed to feed and beautify an entire planet. And they form the seven core values that guide us in serving you:

Fighting for the future

Atticus is serious about the success of this industry. We’re on a number of important task forces that support the industry and its workers, with the goal of ensuring good stewardship and safe use of products. We’re also working to advance the future of Agriculture and EcoCore markets by supporting organizations that shape tomorrow’s leaders.

The Atticus team believes in the power of partnership to support the industry and all those who make it what it is. That’s why we’re actively involved with the following organizations:


  • Bifenthrin Task Force Joint Venture
  • Dicamba Registrants Coalition, LLC Joint Data Development
  • Industry Task Force II  on 2,4-D Research Data
  • Pyrethroid Working Group
  • TM/MBC Task Force
  • Non-Dietary Exposure Task Force
  • Agricultural Handler Exposure Task Force
  • Agricultural Reentry Task Force
  • Generic Residential Exposure Task Force
  • Outdoor Residential Exposure Task Force
  • Spray Drift Task Force

Industry Associations:

  • CropLife America (CLA)
  • Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment (RISE)
  • Council of Producers & Distributors of Agrotechnology (CPDA)
  • Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA)
  • Western Plant Health Association (WPHA)
  • California Association of Pest Control Advisers (CAPCA)
  • Project EverGreen
  • Ag Container Recycling Council (ACRC)

What we do to help

Atticus provides branded-generic fungicides, herbicides and insecticides for the U.S. agriculture and EcoCore markets.

For Retailers

When your supply chain is efficient and decisive, so is your operation. Let us help you clear the path to victory for both you and your growers.

For Farmers

You don’t just run a farm. You go into battle every day — and we want you to win it. Let’s strategize.

For EcoCore Professionals

From the golf course to the greenhouse, and more, our EcoCore portfolio provides relevant products delivered at the right time to ensure you’ll win.

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