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Atticus Recognizes Emerging Ag Retail Leaders: Learn more about the ARA Rising Stars Award from 2021 Grand Prize Winner, Erin Hardin

Atticus is a proud sponsor of the ARA Rising Star program, a commitment to developing emerging leadership within retail distribution. The ARA Rising Star program provides a vehicle for member organizations to recognize and develop their top performers with unique professional development and networking opportunities.

Fungicide Considerations for 2022 for best ROI: NAFB interview with Atticus Business Unit Lead, Aaron Burke

With high corn and soybean prices and cold, unfavorable growing conditions so far in 2022, it’s important for farmers to invest in fungicides to maximize yields. Despite high input costs, farmers should still consider fungicides to protect overall plant health and support yield potential. Aaron Burke, Business Unit Lead, North, with Atticus, offers his thoughts on the bump in fungicide demand and the opportunities fungicides offer corn and soybean farmers this year.

Managing Phytophthora in Almonds Requires Vigilance and Early Applications

Due to the destructive nature of Phytophtora, it’s vital almond growers remain vigilant in monitoring for and treating Phytopthora early with a systemic fungicide like ReCon™ Bold SL. The drought progressing through California is taking a toll on the fertile Central Valley, home to the world’s largest acreage of almond orchards. Yields from last season are down due to record heat and water allocations.

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