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Managing Phytophthora in Almonds Requires Vigilance and Early Applications

Due to the destructive nature of Phytophtora, it’s vital almond growers remain vigilant in monitoring for and treating Phytopthora early with a systemic fungicide like ReCon™ Bold SL. The drought progressing through California is taking a toll on the fertile Central Valley, home to the world’s largest acreage of almond orchards. Yields from last season are down due to record heat and water allocations.

NAFB Audio News Release with Eric Larson from Atticus

Tips for Finalizing Weed Management Programs in 2022: NAFB interview with Atticus Business Unit Lead, Eric Larson

In a world fraught with unrest, whether military conflict or pandemic, the dawn of planting season might feel comforting, even in the face of annual planting challenges like weather, equipment hiccups and management decisions like weed control. Eric Larson, Atticus business unit lead, central U.S., offers some tips for growers finalizing or shifting their weed management plans as planting gets underway across areas of the country. He says there are a number of factors to consider, and the first is starting clean and staying clean.

NAFB Audio News Release with Sam Knott from Atticus

Navigating Crop Protection Supply Chain And Price Issues In 2022: NAFB interview with Atticus Business Unit Lead, Sam Knott

As the industry reflects on 2021 and the unprecedented realities of supply uncertainty and sourcing challenges, Atticus is going to extremes to help customers plan ahead to secure herbicides, insecticides and fungicides that benefit retail distribution. Sam Knott, Atticus business unit lead, east, discusses the company’s 2022 outlook and how to work through challenges securing inputs for the coming growing season.

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