Vango™ ESQ Fungicide

Lasting protection and resistance management

Contains difenoconazole and cyprodinil, the active ingredients used in Inspire Super®.

When it comes to lasting disease protection coupled with resistance management, Vango™ ESQ Fungicide delivers. Vango ESQ Fungicide is a broad-spectrum fungicide containing two active ingredients to help fight resistance. This fungicide has dual modes of action which provide preventative, curative, and system properties to control many of the most damaging plant diseases. Vango ESQ Fungicide can conveniently be used in block, alternating spray, or tank-mix programs with many other crop-protection products. Protect your almonds, grapes, tomatoes and more with the lasting residual control of Vango ESQ Fungicide.

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States Covered
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Product Information Table

EPA Registration Number
Active Ingredient
Cyprodinil 24.1%
Difenoconazole 8.4%
FRAC Number
3, 9
Signal Word
Emulsion in Water
Package Size
4 x 1 gal,
Restricted Use

Key Benefits

  • Optimal partner in disease management programs
  • Tough on disease; fights resistance with dual modes of action
  • Rapid uptake and systemic properties

Key Uses

The following represent the most common uses for this product. For more detail about these or other uses please refer to the product brochure or ask your distributor.

©2020 Atticus. Important: Always read and follow label instructions. Not all products are registered for use in every state. Vangor™ ESQ Fungicide is not manufactured, or distributed by Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC, seller of Inspire Super®. Inspire Super® is a registered trademark of a Syngenta Group Company. Vango™ ESQ Fungicide is a trademark of Atticus, LLC.

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