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Atrevia 3.0% SL


Atrevia™ 3.0% SL is an organic insecticide that controls over 300 pests through starvation and growth disruption in the larval, pupal, and nymphal stages. This product contains 3.0% azadirachtin by weight, a natural limonoid extracted from the Neem tree, and a higher concentration compared to Atrevia 1.2% SL from Atticus. An easy-to-use mix and spray that controls insects without harming most plants or beneficials, Atrevia 3.0% SL is approved for use in indoor and outdoor greenhouses, ornamentals, turfgrasses, and more.

An excellent IPM tool, Atrevia 3.0% SL can be rotated with other synthetic and botanical insecticides. Atrevia 3.0% SL becomes sticky when sprayed and spreads on the plant foliage for thorough coverage and activity where pests feed. It is most effective for soft-bodied insects like aphids, mealybugs, mites, and whiteflies. From greenhouse managers to organic gardeners, Atrevia 3.0% SL offers proven, broad-spectrum control and multiple modes of action.

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Product Information Table

EPA Registration Number
Active Ingredient
Azadirachtin 3.0%
Signal Word
Soluble Liquid
Package Size
8 x 1 qt, 4 x 1 gal,
Restricted Use

Key Benefits

  • OMRI certified organic insecticide
  • High concentration of azadirachtin
  • Easy-to-use mix and spray
  • Broad-spectrum usage
  • Low, 4-hour re-entry interval

Key Uses

The following represent the most common uses for this product. For more detail about these or other uses please refer to the product brochure or ask your distributor.

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