1. Headshot of Mike Henderson

    Mike Henderson

    Executive Vice President, Ag Markets

    1. Daniel Faidley

      Director, Marketing, Ag Division

    2. Michael Bittner

      Business Unit Lead
      West & FL / GA

      1. Shan Brooks

        Director, Florida & Specialty Markets / Products

      2. Mark Mathis

        Western Region Business Manager

      3. Tanner Lowrey

        Area Business Manager

      4. Ruben Escoto

        Area Business Manager

      5. Bill C. Bishoff

        Area Business Manager

    3. Aaron Burke

      Business Unit Lead, North

      1. Dave Saxlund

        Area Business Manager

    4. Eric Larson

      Business Unit Lead, Central

      1. Matt Hays

        Area Business Manager

      2. Michael Bietz

        Area Business Manager

    5. Sam Knott

      Business Unit Lead, East

      1. Dan Oliver

        Area Business Manager

      2. Brad Knauss

        Area Business Manager

      3. Austin Mattern

        Area Business Manager

    6. Ryan Riddle

      Business Unit Lead, South

      1. Bill Mosley

        Area Business Manager

      2. Michael Whitehead

        Area Business Manager

  2. Headshot of Kelvin Jordan

    Kelvin Jordan

    Executive Vice President, Account Management

    1. John Goggans Jr.

      Director, Integrated Supply Chain Relations

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  1. Headshot of Michael Maravich

    Michael Maravich

    Vice President, EcoCore Markets

    1. Joe Steinlage

      Director, Portfolio Optimization, EcoCore Markets

      1. Ken Vercher

        Account Manager, EcoCore Markets

      2. Lisa Alexander

        Business Development, EcoCore Markets

    2. Matthew Seibel

      Business Unit Lead, EcoCore Markets

    3. Ross Huneycutt

      Business Unit Lead, EcoCore Markets

    4. Paul Fox

      Business Unit Lead, EcoCore Markets

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  1. Headshot of Mike King

    Mike King

    Executive Vice President, Operations

    1. Karen Lowman

      Director, Customer Excellence

      1. Tammy Lunsford

        Manager, Ag Customer Service

        1. Zach Dombkowski

          Customer Service Representative

      2. Katie Edwards

        Customer Service Representative II

      3. Erin Rollo

        Customer Service Representative

      4. Cole Strickland

        Customer Service Representative

    2. Fernando Arias

      Director, Logistics & Trade Compliance

      1. Alex Porter

        Import Specialist

      2. Tony McCluney

        Inventory Control & Supply Chain Analyst

      3. Angela Johnson

        Logistics Manager

    3. Brian Pike

      Director, Sales & Operations Planning

      1. Tim Penny

        Manager, Demand Planning

      2. Hailey Johnson

        Manager, Commercialization

    4. Weston Held

      Director, Manufacturing

      1. Meghann Oram

        Senior Supply Chain Planner, Production & Materials

      2. Kayla Barefoot

        Production Support Analyst

      3. Evan Spurr

        Inventory Coordinator

      4. Christina Paterson

        Quality Manager

    5. Darryl Mayton

      Director, Sourcing & Procurement

      1. Chris Scales

        Procurement & Master Data Specialist

      2. Terrell Johnson

        Supply Chain Data Administrator

      3. Bryce Wenner

        Procurement Specialist

  1. Headshot of Shannon Russell

    Shannon Russell

    Executive Vice President, Business & Product Development

    1. Kevin Howard

      Executive Vice President, Business Development

    2. Mike Bacic

      Director, Development & Regulatory Alignment

  2. Headshot of David Bolin, Ph.D.

    David Bolin, Ph.D.

    Vice President, Regulatory Affairs

    1. Beth Anderson

      Director, Regulatory

      1. Kristen Cianni

        Regulatory Manager

        1. Alison Suffill

          Label Facilitator

        2. Kyleigh Toomey

          Label Facilitator

    2. Ana Casanova

      State Regulatory Manager

      1. Ashleigh Gales

        State Regulatory Specialist

  1. Headshot of Shanna Waddleton

    Shanna Waddleton

    Director, Finance

    1. Joan Pegram

      Assistant Controller

    2. Amber Romero

      Cost Accountant

    3. Amber Giles

      Staff Accountant

    4. Renee McClellan

      Accounts Payable Specialist

    5. Sue Krupa

      Office Coordinator

  2. Headshot of John Henderson

    John Henderson

    Vice President, Business Optimization

    1. Sam Abrams

      Senior Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis

    2. Denise Kilpatrick

      HR & Organizational Development

  1. Anna Preseren

    Manager, Marketing Communications

    1. Lori Blennert

      Senior Marketing Communications Strategist

    2. Amber Zaucha

      Marketing Communications Specialist

    3. Paige Kempton

      Atticus Essential Coordinator

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