Atticus advances structural alignment and expands team of professionals

Atticus, LLC, a branded-generic crop protection manufacturer, announces an enhanced team structure, a new force of accomplished industry professionals, an updated website and an active account management platform, called Atticus Customer Engagement (ACE). As COVID-19 redefined societal norms, Atticus sought the silver lining and took the opportunity to further strengthen the health of its business. To guarantee reliability with scale, the company has implemented improvements in systems, processes, communications and coordination across functional disciplines.

Alignment and leadership in key regions

Atticus formed six unique divisions across the United States, driving focus within markets and geographies. The new alignment more effectively ensures every product is relevant to the issues impacting each unique crop. In addition to divisions for account management, professional non-crop and strategic relations, Atticus has stationed leadership within three distinct agricultural regions; Southeast, West and Central/Northeast.

To add proficiency across the business, Atticus has brought on six new go-forward professionals that bring deepened experienced and localized expertise. Reputable names familiar with the crops and intricacies of their respective regions will provide unrivaled knowledge and leadership that will benefit customers in the Southeast, West and Central/Northeast United States. New hires include Bill Mosley, area business manager, Southeast region; Dave Saxlund, area business manager, Central region; and Mark Mathis, Western region business manager reporting to promoted Mike Bittner, vice president, Western region.

To further complement commercial needs, back-office support has heightened with the addition of Frank Pirozzi, chief financial officer; Fernando Arias, director, trade compliance; Weston Held, manager, product development and optimization; and Amber Zaucha, associate, marketing communications. Atticus is poised to consistently deliver dependable service and a simple process.

See the diversified experience that makes up the Atticus team in The Atticus Experience Web above.

“The Atticus portfolio is at a point where it commands an expanded team of industry experts connecting with customers more frequently,” said Atticus CEO, Randy Canady. “In order to be demand-driven, the Atticus team has to be engaged locally to understand product interests that complement a retail distributor’s business and agronomic needs while respecting current supplier relations.”

Enhanced operational excellence

The new team structure, coupled with an intense dedication to operational excellence, creates an expanded focus on account management, sourcing, commercialization of products and forecasting. While the chemistry isn’t unique, the Atticus experience is, and these individuals have skills that come together to form “One Atticus”: driven, adaptable, accountable and dedicated to the future of agriculture.

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