The Atticus difference: Q&A with CEO Randy Canady on what makes doing business with Atticus an unsurpassed experience

A partnership with Atticus crop protection is based on a commitment to operational excellence, backed by a team of experienced professionals. Learn more about what makes Atticus different with this Q&A from Atticus CEO, Randy Canady.

Q: Who is Atticus?

Randy Canady: Atticus is a demand-driven manufacturer of relevant branded-generic crop protection products. We’re committed to providing high-quality off-patent fungicides, herbicides and insecticides for U.S. row crop, specialty agriculture and professional markets. We’re a valued partner that retail distribution and growers can rely on. We thrive on a commitment to operational excellence, which includes a focus on systems, processes, communication and coordination, with respect across functional disciplines, to ensure reliability in our products and for our valued partners.

 Q: What products and services does Atticus offer and in what markets?

A: Atticus has a broad portfolio of crop protection products, built at a crop-specific level, giving multiple solutions for nearly every crop’s distinct needs. With team members across the country, we are positioned to work with retailers to deliver the crop protection products growers need, when they need it, offering the right solutions to help achieve their yield goals.

We put grassroots experience and common-sense logic to work, to make product selection easy. We want to do our small part to ensure our customers achieve success with a business model to bring attractive financial opportunities for both retailers and growers. Simply put, we help you protect your crops so that you’re free to grow them—and your business.

Q: What makes generic crop protection different?

A: As a generic supplier, we offer the branded-generic versions of fungicides, herbicides and insecticides that growers already know and trust, but at a more affordable price to protect grower’s investments. Additionally, we pride ourselves in our ability to respect the capital-intensive, value-added services of retailers. Our team is nimble and accessible, offering insight and expertise in sourcing, regulatory and logistics to make the purchasing process as seamless as possible.

Q: What is Atticus’ competitive advantage?

A: While the chemistry isn’t unique, the Atticus experience is. The Atticus team has decades of experience, with backgrounds in manufacturing, regulatory and logistics, bringing an unprecedented level of industry knowledge to the table. The team is uniquely positioned to focus on long-term decisions that benefit retail distribution and is committed to offering recommendations and insights to ensure our customers have the right tools to succeed. Atticus is a formidable ally that is adaptable, driven and dependable with a level of business acumen to facilitate business success.

Q: What is your outlook for the agricultural market?

A: We see the silver lining in every situation, as does a farmer. Farmers don’t just run a farm, they go into battle every day – and we want them to win. Additionally, we have launched an impactful marketing strategy to ensure retailers and growers are equipped with the best insight, strategic thinking and sound recommendations to drive success during an ever-challenging time. This campaign manifests in powerful visuals and messages highlighting farmers as they make their way to battle on the field, which come to life on an updated website, in print and digital advertising and at trade shows.

Atticus is well-positioned to bring branded-generic crop protection to the forefront during a time when input costs are heavily scrutinized, and growers aim to protect their investments in the most cost-efficient way.

 Q: Anything else you would like the ag industry to know about Atticus?

A: Our portfolio of inputs help support and sustain life. Whether it be through plants, animals or the basic needs of people, Atticus’ purpose is to Enhance Daily Life. Every day, we’re driven by this purpose and guided by a set of core values to focus on long-term decisions that not only support and better modern agriculture but also enhance daily life.

About Randy Canady, CEO, founder of Atticus, LLC

In his 25-year career in the industry, Atticus Founder and Chief Executive Officer Randy Canady has held various sales, marketing, business development and leadership positions in the crop-protection industry. Randy’s early experience includes corporations such as American Cyanamid, Ciba-Geigy / Novartis, United Agri Products, and BASF. Randy co-founded Etigra, a start-up that sourced, developed, registered, formulated and packaged post-patent pesticides. Randy founded Atticus in 2015 to build a premier focused off-patent pesticide company for the US row crop, specialty agriculture and professional market. The company has developed a significant portfolio of relevant, branded-generic products that is supported by robust team of talent.


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