Atticus releases insect growth regulators for specialty crops

CARY, N.C. (Feb. 20, 2020) Atticus, LLC, a branded-generic crop protection manufacturer, announces a suite of insect growth regulator products for Southeastern and Western specialty-crop growers. These products, for use on citrus, vegetables, cotton, tree nuts, stone fruit, and more, allow for flexible application and mixability in integrated pest management programs.

The Atticus portfolio of insect growth regulators offers proven results in disrupting the growth process of harmful pests in a variety of crops, as well as non-crop uses. The new insect growth regulators provide long-lasting control, targeting harmful pests, while remaining gentle on beneficial species.

Reemit 0.5 G Fire Ant Bait features pyriproxyfen in a granule form that worker fire ants carry back to the colony to disturb the reproductive process. Applied in early spring or summer, Reemit offers effective season-long control and colony-free pastures, rangeland and groves.

Inspirato2 F protects specialty crops from the destructive feeding damage of moths and butterflies. With methoxyfenozide as its active ingredient, Inspirato uses a unique mode of action, allowing growers to target harmful pests, while remaining gentle on beneficial insects, mites and pollinators.

Trignata WSP affects the natural growth mechanisms of insects by stunting growth before the population can spread, with the power of cyromazine. Trignata quickly penetrates leaves and becomes rainfast after absorption to control insects such as leafminers and the Colorado potato beetle.

Durant2 L IGR uses the active ingredient diflubenzuron to target a broad spectrum of insects, including Asian citrus psyllid, leafminers, katydids, boll weevils and more. Its unique mode of action disrupts the molting process of insect larvae with an effective formula that maintains residual control.

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Our insect growth regulators are developed at a crop-specific level to ensure every product is relevant to the issues impacting specialty crops. At Atticus, we have an unwavering commitment to deliver high-quality solutions for every crop’s distinct needs, at the right value.

Shan Brooks

Director, Florida & Specialty Markets/Products