Early Bird Gets the Worm, and the Fungicide

By Aaron Burke, Director, Central U.S. Crops — The early bird gets the worm. In the case of specialty crop retailers working with Atticus this year, they also get the fungicides they need, when they need them.

This year, fungicide availability has been a concern across the specialty crop production landscape. The pandemic has impacted our industry in two key ways: slowing manufacturing globally, and movement of product domestically. That is a massive issue for agriculture, where the use of fungicides is critically based on timing. Every day, we hear instances of retailers not getting what they need for timely and effective applications for their growers.

For the most part, Atticus has been able to navigate this challenge and offer retailers and growers an advantage, from navigating the supply chain and our portfolio options. As a smaller organization we’re more nimble, accessible and reliable than many of our competitors.

The Atticus retail distribution model allows our customers to secure product in inventory or a clear line of sight to delivery for timely applications. Atticus started forecasting and demand-planning last fall. We met with customers, looked at their historic product use and annual consumption. We built plans with each customer and connected them with our production plans. Every single customer that planned with Atticus in the fall had a full stock of Atticus fungicides this spring. This defines “demand driven” – a commitment of our go-to-market strategy.

The hard work of our Operations team has enabled the commercial team to generate orders and work directly with customers to put plans into action. Our Operations team is doing an unbelievable job of getting products scheduled and shipped – all while navigating pandemic-generated challenges with suppliers as we manufacture product.

Another Atticus advantage is our broad fungicide portfolio for specialty crops. We have more than 30 different fungicides that can be used in crops ranging from sugar beets and potatoes to turf and ornamentals. With several new products ready to launch and the constant challenge of fungicide resistance, Atticus is well-positioned for the future.

New products include ReCon™ Bold SL, Aquila™ XL, Acadia™ ESQ Fungicide, Vango™ ESQ Fungicide and Esquire™ XT Fungicide. These products are targeted at different geographies, crops and pathogens and reflect the breadth of the Atticus fungicide portfolio. This portfolio diversity ensures our customers are battle-ready for any scenario. No other post-patent company in North America matches what Atticus offers.

We also have several proven chemistries in our pipeline. We evaluate nearly a dozen products a month, looking at the viability, agronomic need, best fit and opportunity for retailers and growers. In addition to new active ingredients, our pipeline has products that expand application windows. Atticus is preparing to move from over-the-top and in-crop fungicides into the at-plant and seed treatment segments.

Our expansive fungicide portfolio and pipeline helps more retailers battle more pests in more crops than any other post patent manufacturer. If your growers need more fungicide options in their specialty crops, Atticus provides a formidable ally for your business.

Aaron Burke is a sales director at Atticus, serving the Central region of the U.S. He has more than 22 years of experience in the industry, working with companies like WinField United, United Suppliers, American Cyanamid and BASF. He has an intimate knowledge of the issues Midwest row crop growers and retailers face and a passion for helping retailers grow their business to win with tomorrow’s grower.


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