EcoCore: Chemistry at the core of environmental wellness
Expanding portfolio enhances daily life for broadening non-crop segments

From the team at Atticus comes EcoCore — an expanding portfolio of essential pest management products serving a growing number of markets including turf and ornamental, greenhouse and nursery, vegetation management, aquatic and more.

Atticus’ continuous appetite for product development also ensures the EcoCore portfolio is paving the way for expansion into additional non-crop segments such as animal health, forestry, home and garden, professional pest management and more.

“Broadening our market diversity, together with our extensive experience, enhances our holistic approach to pest management,” said Michael Maravich, Vice President, EcoCore markets at Atticus. “The EcoCore team has a deliberate focus on our professional market customers and is proud to deliver a reliable, straight-forward experience and an expansive portfolio focused on multiple market segments to meet today’s fast-changing priorities and challenges.”

EcoCore is aimed not only at fighting pests, but also contributing to the safety and comfort of people, the beautification of our surroundings and the protection of personal property and critical infrastructure. Customers can leverage the complete line-up of branded-generic herbicides, fungicides and insecticides to elevate their operations and maximize their investments.

As significant patent expirations take effect, EcoCore continues to optimize the portfolio to deliver relevant solutions everywhere daily life is lived.

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