Atticus introduces Total Release insecticide portfolio for the greenhouse market

CARY, NC (July 26, 2018) –Atticus adds three new Total Release products to its insecticide portfolio, further expanding its commitment to meeting the needs of greenhouse growers.

Piston™ TR (comparable to Pylon® TR) uses active ingredient Chlorfenapyr, to target mites, thrips and loopers by interfering with energy production in the mitochondria. Eschaton™ TR (comparable to Beethoven® TR) contains Etoxazole, protecting delicate ornamentals, flowering hanging baskets, and other non-food commercial greenhouse crops. Ascertain™ TR (comparable to Attain® TR) contains Bifenthrin, an active ingredient proven to control aphids, armyworms, caterpillars, gnats, whiteflies, and other resistant prone pests. Total Release technology has become increasingly prevalent for greenhouse growers needing a convenient, labor saving application strategy. No spray equipment is required, as air circulates throughout greenhouses, one Total Release fogger treats up to 3,000 sq feet, providing optimal plant coverage and easy application for greenhouse growers. Piston™ TR, Eschaton™ TR, and Ascertain™ TR meet the Total Release demand with a complete rotational portfolio.

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With the current labor struggles many greenhouse operations are facing, these total release products offer a reliable and easy-to-use solution. Populations of greenhouse pests like mites, whiteflies, and thrips have become difficult to control due to their resistance tolerance. When partnered together, these total release products use different modes of action to protect your valuable greenhouse crops with ease.

Bill Abetz

Account Manager, Professional Markets