Eschaton™ TR

Unsurpassed Control of Greenhouse Pests

Contains etoxazole, the active ingredient used in Beethoven® TR.

Eschaton™ TR protects delicate ornamentals from the harmful effects of mites and whiteflies in commercial greenhouses. Eschaton TR is a total release aerosol that dispenses the entire contents of the can in approximately 2 minutes, the product is dispersed evenly to reach the top and bottom surfaces of plants. The active ingredient etoxazole kills mites and suppresses whiteflies, but remains safe on delicate bedding plants, cut flowers, hanging baskets, foliage, and other ornamentals. Flexible re-entry time and total release application lets you control your greenhouse with ease. For even greater control and to assure long term effectiveness, best management practices recommend the use of Eschaton TR as a rotational partner with other Atticus total release products including Ascertain™ TR, Piston™ TR, and Pyrus™ TR.

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States Covered
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Product Information Table

EPA Registration Number
Active Ingredient
Etoxazole 5%
Signal Word
Total Release Aerosol
Package Size
12 x 2 fl oz,
Restricted Use

Key Benefits

  • Easy-to-use Total Release application
  • Quick and thorough coverage
  • Safe on delicate plants
  • Flexible re-entry time
  • Excellent control of mites and whitefly suppression

Key Uses

The following represent the most common uses for this product. For more detail about these or other uses please refer to the product brochure or ask your distributor.

©2021 Atticus. Important: Always read and follow label instructions. Not all products are registered for use in every state. Eschaton™ TR is not manufactured, or distributed by BASF Corporation, seller of Beethoven™ TR. Beethoven™ is a registered trademark of BASF Corporation. Eschaton™, Piston™, Ascertain™, and Pyrus™ are trademarks of Atticus, LLC.

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